Passenger 10 - Hit The Ground Running EP [Preview]

A new preview of the next EP to be released on Unreleased Digital, this time from Chris Reece his alias 'Passenger 10'. The EP contains two amazing tracks. 'Hit The Ground Running' is the first one, and also the title of the mini-album. The track has an outstanding building-up in typical Passenger 10 style, with after that, a great unique drop. The second track is called 'Land Of Illusion', in my opinion the best of the EP. Great melodic chords and atmospheric synths is what makes this a must-buy progressive tune; this is what Passenger 10 is known for. Out on the 9th of September. Check it out!

Update: Download available: http://uitjeplaat.blogspot.com/2011/09/passenger-10-hit-ground-running-ep_11.html